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Our Location at the Honda Homecoming

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I want to make sure everyone can find us at the Honda Homecoming. We have moved from the Logan County vendor area to Downtown Marysville. Here is the info:

Motorcycle Vendors will be located in the City Parking Lot at the corner of 6th Street and Plum Street. Vendors will be open Thursday, July 29th and Friday, July 30th from 9am-6pm and Saturday, July 31st from 9am-3pm.

Our VTX Chopper and Nicky Hayden Replica GL1800 will be at the Honda Factory Reception Area. So make sure you stop by there to take a look at them. We also will have the VTX PRO STREET with us at our location in downtown Marysville. We hope to see you up there.

More info is available at
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I really can't wait to get there. To talk with people from Honda & riders of Honda products. Maybe someone there will answer my "unanswered open letter to VP". Plus got lots of flyers for those who don't know yet.
Hey Hal! See you there!

Homecoming should be fun this year! Since my grandmother lives in Marysville I'll be basing my operation out of there! Hope to see you guys!
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