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Passanger footpegs

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Noblesville Honda has created a set of passanger footpegs. These are milled from aluminum with chrome inserts. Designed to follow the lines and look of the rune. If there is interest we may go into production. Any aftermarket pegs can be added. Shown with Kuryakyn pegs. See for pictures.
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how much do they cost? i would love to have a pait like them?
I'm peged

I have a set of the Noblesville Honda passenger pegs and mounts.

The mounts are designed very well, follow and flow with the stock gingerbread just above the driver’s peg.. They fit like a glove and installed in two minutes.

The only thing about them I found fault with is that the polished aluminum was done poorly. Mime arrived with stains, which are clearly visible. I’ve not tried to polish the out yet, hopefully that will correct the appearance and over come my minor disappointment.

That having been said I still think this is the best arrangement available and I don’t see anyway to improve on the Noblesville’s design.

I know what I paid but they may have a different pricing structure now.
ooooo ok know i know what they are thanx site
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