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I’m an original Rune owner from 2004, US version that I have enjoyed, ridden and still kept relatively low miles. I have adapted some mods including the exhaust system that Honda used in the Concept T3 model and had a 2 up custom Corbin seat and pegs that were adapted without tapping any new frame holes. I’ve retained all my original exhaust components as sold from the dealer. I’ve also had some custom polished stainless steel engine cover components added that tastefully complete the finish and some custom polished stainless caliper covers. Lastly, when I do ride it, I ride the living shit out of it, and, for a tank, it performs like a race bike. Any visible scrapes are under the pegs with your ass only about a foot and a half off the ground. I love everything about this bike from the artful design to the bulky ride and the right performance it delivers. I’m interested to know if anyone has done an engine mods on the stock engine beyond the chips and fuel mods that I’ve seen on the forums. I’m thinking maybe more than a tune and possibly something along the lines of a rebuild with material gains. I’ve looked for this in the forums and elsewhere but can’t seem to find anyone they may have done something along those lines and would be very interested in anyone that might have some experience in this mod.
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the morning after I bought mine, my stepson and I left Marble Falls to see what the Hill Country roads were like. I found a straight stretch and opened her up. Crouched a bit to try and limit the drag and made it to 127mph before I decided that I'd soon get blown off if I kept it up. Not sure how much throttle I had left but I sure wasn't bottomed out.
Some months later I rode my stepsons in NC and got it up to 128 before I said ... "enough, ain't my bike".
Not sure I'd want to do any mods because I'm not sure where - other than the Bonnyville salt flats - that I could use more oomph.
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