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Picking up new Rune tomorrow

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I am picking up my Rune tomorrow and was wondering if it has a center stand?
I'm sure there are more important things I need to know but was curious about that.

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MARUNE said:

Welcome ... glad to see some new owners around here.

I maintain a off site list of Rune owners, that I post under to VIN List Board.

Check it out and send / post your info if you want to be on the next posting.
Thanks for the welcome.

I have been looking for the VIN area to post my numbers when I get them so if you could point me
in the right direction I will do it as soon as I get the numbers.
This site is a good one to learn about the Rune, even with the unhappy folks, I will still go get the thing.
I have had a couple of Boss Hoss's and still have a new three wheeler so those Boss guys whine a lot also.
I sold the 2 wheeler and bought a new Gold Wing last week, for me, due to a little accident with my Boss While I was there I looked over the Rune and it should work for my wife. The 3 wheeler is hers so we can trade off some but she says that she knows, and that I know the Rune is mine. Well O K

I got the Maroon with the chrome package. I have the VIN number but I'm not sure where the newbe area is or the web site to do the posting.
I get to pick it up at 4:00 (Cal time) tonight, so I'm just waiting for my wife to come home and give me a lift to the Dealership.

1 - 3 of 10 Posts
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