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Pics posted, Corbin, 8" Riser bars

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Per request, I have posted some pics. in my gallery of The new Corbin seat w/chrome back rest and Flanders 8" riser bars. Keep Smilin, Ed
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What's the handling like under 5mph with the new bars?
Well the bars are OK if you like em, but...

dang your garage is CLEAN and TIDY!!!! Wowsers :shock:

Big Bonus points! :p


If you got some spare garage, in comparison, could use a little work, lol.

Hog & Zilla,
First, The pictures of the Bars make them appear higher than they really are. The originals had a 4" inch rise so, these are only 4" higher than stock and the pullback is approximately 3" more than stock. I am 6'1" tall and my arms rest about 4" to 5" below my shoulders when riding. I cannot tell any difference in handling at all.
Secondly, The only way to keep your garage tidy is not let the rest of your family in there. Try that sometime if you want a battle. LOL. I had to build me a separate garage for what my Bride calls "Ed's Stuff". If you Guys are ever in the St. George area look me up. Thanks, Ed own garage where no one else is allowed....

note to myself: talk to wifey.

Anyway, good "talking" Ed, it definitely be nice to cross paths sometime. a '01 GL1800 in Yellow too :)
Can you give me some more info on the riser bars? Did you have to use longer brake and clutch cables and so on.

Bob Mutch (Rune#971) :roll:

Hi there Gator,
Not having any advice from someone that had done it before, I can tell you that many times during the transition I wished I had not started. But, I am elated with the out come. I have always hated having to reach for the handle bars on a motorcycle. You should be able to just sit up and relax like you are on a lounge chair.(IMHO) I tried several bars before choosing the Flanders C2 Hertitage bars. From there I had to have a machine shop drill all the holes in them and weld a piece of threaded bar stock in the end of the left side so I could screw on the grip end. I had to replace all cables, clutch, fuel and brake. I had Barnett Cable in Ventura Calif. make all the stainless, braided cables. Getting the bars and cables was the easy part. The time cunsuming part was tearing the bike apart to get to the cables. Should you want any more detailed info, let me know and I will e-mail you with my phone #. Ed
PS. If this belongs on the tech board, I am sorry.
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