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Pictures Honda Homecoming!

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Hey Guys! I have a request...
I'm writing an article on the Honda Homeoming for a magazine called RPM. It's a magazine that features hot motorcycles. I was wondering if any of you would like me to include pictures of when you were at the event. I know that RuneSki and Gene took several pictures and I'd love to include them in my article. If I can get them...
Let me know what you think! I'd be able to tell the readers about our experience lining up all those Runes at the Marysville Plant!
I'll need them soon....
You can send them to my regular email address:
[email protected]
Love to hear from you!
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I was there on my VTX but

have many pictures of the places and some Rune riders. You can view them on my Ofoto album at ... rt_order=0 Let me know which ones you need and I can send high resolution pictures to you via email.
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