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pivot arm covers

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Hey guys tell me what you think about the pivot arm covers. They are not chromed yet. We also could do many other designs, any ideas.

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guys take a look at your key, and tell me how much does the key logo match this one. we will do a rune scrip pocket, and rune scrip engrave,and some ball mill straight lines like the valve covers .but your feed back is important to us, so speak up thanks tom sr
pivot arm questoin

OK I agree with you the rune head does look like a sissy.BUT THE QUESTION IS DOES THE SISSY ON THE PIVOT ARM COVER LOOK LIKE THE SISSY ON THE KEY.and yes you will be able to get that pivot arm cover with rune script or ball mill, but they will look much better chrome.
we will have some good pic in the p.m.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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