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Polution control regulation specific in California ?

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Hi, and THX even if this does help, I wish I could find the data related to pollution emission. If any one ever did a pollution control maybe they could share the graph.
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CARB2004 and CARB2008

Hi Jacques,

I sincerely hope as well that you get some help on this issue from one of the CA guys regularly on the board.
I'm not sure what you want but I know that if you buy a bike out of state you can't bring it in the state for 90 days and 7,500 miles. Once it is registered here you do not need to have it checked again. If you are moving to California you do not need to meet any smog rules like you will with a car.

EURO4/5 polution numbers

Here ( dagram down below)is what I am looking for regarding CARB2004 or CARB 2008.
I yet don't know what is the polution nome the Rune should follow for 2005 ( California or else). I understand, thx to your explanation the posible difference between the 2 Rune model. That said I yet dont know what 's the possible influence on polution numbers.

To date, to my knowledge, the Rune complies with CARB 2004, but I don't have the numbers...

Honda news wire claim that 2005 VTX ,follows CARB2008 rule, but not a word on the Rune.
Honda Rune support line can't provide an answer...maybe if couple of guys from California were calling with the same question they would look at it more seriously.
In France, it's not yet clear what norme should apply. Law says, if the bike as already been sold ( they don't say where...) in 2005, Euro4 applies, if it is a new equipment ( nevers yet sold...) Euro5 would apply .

Fume Emission in Europe


Euro4 5,5 1,2 0,3
Euro5 2 0,8 0,2
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Any news on this Issue, Jacgues ?!

Hi Jacques,

Any new information from CA :amflag: on this issue ?? - i.e by private messages from the CA gentlemen on the Board ? :?:

If not (- Jacques : Please post on the board on this thread what response you have received - none ?) - please ! - gentlemen : Come on up now !! - It´s a matter of significant importance for potential European Rune Riders .... including I ....

- Give a hand, please, and share the information and knowledge that you have, or can achieve without strong effort :chat1: :eek:4:

- Especially - Steven (LOV2KRUZ) - where are you ? - Haven´t seen you on the Board or posts on threads from you for a time now - On holliday ?, Or just enjoing riding your red Rune in the always warm and sunny CA ? - we need you, your knowledge and your ever lasting helpfullness ... :coolit:
Support ...not so much...

...Can't say I am at this point getting the kind of help I was expecting at first, but it just maybe take more time...even if I already received couple of valuable input, but NOT what I do really need : CARB 04/08 DATA

Maybe, our US friends are not really happy to see on or more among the nicest toys crossing the ocean?

Maybe they are not sure we/I will not take good care of such wonderful machine ?
Can't say, but it sure does not make it easy for me.
Thx to your help and Hanibal support, I may be able to make it in a near future. I am not giving up. I may have to call on my HP US collegues to gather real support.
I already spoted 2 "serious" bikers even if they are not riding..yet Rune.

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