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Possible British Road Taxation

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I read this in recent AMA legislative newsletter, it basically would make every road in Britain a toll road ! :shock:

British Department of Transport is set to reveal plans for a new road charge scheme which charges for every mile you cover. The pilot programs set-up within two years, although the plans are unlikely to become reality before 2015.
Road use would be measured by satellite tracking, with quiet country lanes costing 2p a mile, and the busiest areas costing £1.30 ($2.28). And riders would need to have tracking devices fitted. There's currently no official line on whether motorcycles will be included, with the Transport saying that they can't answer any specific questions, but it could see bikes and cars priced off the roads.
As an example, commuting ten miles in rush hour at the top price would cost £13 ($22.82) one way. To get home during rush hour doubles it to £26 ($45.64). And work five days a week and you'll be paying £130 ($228.15) just to get to and from work. Do that every week and you'll pay £6760 ($11,863.81) just to commute.
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What will they come up with next .... a air tax --- based on how many breaths you take .....
yes, j got the news from our TV during a traffic report from england.
j suppose is it an ........
tecnically it is possible but is is as the black box (the same of aircrafts, the real colout is red) that italian insurance company want on car board.

pls tell them f k.

High Cost to Drive

Probably be a good time to go buy some old warehouses downtown and put in those beehive type sleeper hotels like the Japanese have... Rent a bed for $600 /month.... would give a commuter more than enough savings to purchase a Rune... :D

Brad (HS) and Rich,

I think I speak on behalf of all Board members to the East of the Atlantic, when I say that we very much appreciate Your concerns.

And Rich,

I love Your humor and those calculations how to live as an European :!: :lol:

- Actually the same discussion is taking place from time to time here in Denmark, too. And to be honest, depending on the specific outline of that change here in Denmark, It'll get my vote, if we have to vote about it. And thats because eventually new tax is combined with a material reduction in registration taxes, not just a new tax as discussed in the UK.

(Actually - now that I'm thinking of it : Vote for a new tax :!: :?: - I must be crazy - must come to me thru my monitor in to my eyes or perhaps thru the keyboard into my fingertips - but I'm sure it comes from the Rune Board ...)

And if we eventually got that tax, I would send a private message to Ken, starting promising him not to kid more about Kat, and asking him to help me/invent some kind of stealth/jammer device .... :bow1:
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