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powder coat knock off

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To powder coat just 1pc. to match the spec 47 wheel is150.dollars each.... To powder coat 10 pcs 53.dollars each.So we need to have a min order of 10 pc to take to the powder coat guy ..
I am thinking chrome is the way to go .We are trying to talk him in to do one as a sample so people can see what it looks like.
how many people are really interested in the spec 47 knock please let us know....
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To me , even if I had the spec 47 wheels I think a chrome spinner would look goodon it and go well either wheel. Only my humble opinion. :wink:
Rich K ( Rune Ski )
knock off

I think the chrome spinner will look great.BUT we have had request for the spinner to match 47 spec.So we are off to the powder coat guy today to see what it will look like.He says the color is titanium gold.
Yeah, I think the powder coated is going to look better on the spec47 wheels. The chrome still looks good, but I think the powder coated ones are going to look even better... just my opinion. Looking forward to seeing it!
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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