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Powercommander update??

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VegasShawn, any more news on the powercommander you were looking into. I know you're moving to Seattle soon, so there's not much time for them to work with your bike. It would be a real shame if the time window is lost, or do they have another Rune owner nearby they can work with.
D'you think they're still keen on the project, as they seem to be dragging their heels a bit. My worry is, maybe they're thinking there's not the numbers to make it worthwhile.
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I think you're right. I don't feel good about it happening. Let me shoot one last e-mail to Dusty to find out what is going on.
I wonder if it might be worth sounding them out as to how many units they'd want to sell to make it worth their while. Then we could try to get an idea of interested parties from our board. For instance the K&N filter got a good responce. For anyone wanting to coax more power from the engine being able to adjust the fuel mixture (and adv/ret/rev limit) is a must, so I would hope there'd be a good responce.
Dannyhyde, I believe, is also looking to into getting module done for the Rune. So maybe our hope lies there.
Here is the response that I just got from Dusty:

The project is definitely not dead. The board supposedly is done but we have not got one for testing at this moment. We are currently working on some more pressing projects that we need to get done. I do not have a date as to when we might have a test unit. We appreciate you letting us use your bike and will still send you a unit when we have one developed. Thanks again.
OK so it's fingers crossed then.
What If you give Dusty a link to this forum, and we have a subject line that is simply how many of us want the power commander when it is done? I am sick and tired of feeling big brother shut my engine down at 132 MPH. Ken :roll:
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