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Private messages.....

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This is another post i'll put here and on the "Support and Testing" board. It occurs to me that some of you may not have your profile setup to alert you when someone sends you a private message. If that is the case, the only way you'll know you have a private post is to look at the the links...and the one on the bottom center of the two rows that says either "you have no new messages" or "you have a message" (or something like that...the "have a message" verbage may be slightly off). Click on that link to go to your private message inbox.

Bottom line, if you see that link saying you have a on it and go to your "inbox" and read your private message. i've sent several private messages that have never been acknowledged. Further more, since they have never left me "outbox" and transfered to my "sent" box, i know you haven't even read them. So i suspect it's cause some don't have it setup to alert them in their profile...and...they arent' checking those links up on the top of the page! No telling what good stuff you might be missing out on 8)

Now, if you chose the "notify you when you have a private message" button in your profile (and save your changed profile, of course)...then you WILL be alerted when you have a new private message. A seperate window will pop up and alert you...with the option of clicking on the alert and going right to the new message to you! That's what i do.

Oh, one last tip. If you send someone a private message...but then you go to your OUTBOX...and delete that message....before the other party reads it.....i don't think they will ever get it! Wait until it shows up in your SENT box before you delete it. Mellow or Lamont can verify this bit of wisdom....but i'm pretty sure about that. Don't ask me how i know :oops:
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It won't go to the sent box until they login.
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