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Pulled my Rune logo's off the side of the tank

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Did this because of a scratch through the logo.

Found out that Honda shot clear over the sticker so when I took them off I had a divot that required wet sanding and compounding and polishing.

What a job, Then when I thought I was done, I took it outside in the sunlight and found that I burnt a spot with the buffer.

I can't win, anyway I am now thinking of having the tank painted or geting some rune type of artwork on the tank sides.

Anyone know the paint codes ............ or a good artist in Florida ......
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Possibly you only need a new clear coat. For paint go to they have the paints to cure your blopers ( mine too! )
You could have just sanded the clear coat where the scratch was, but any way, the paint code is on the rear fender under the seat.
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