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Hi Redvalk, I remember you saying on the previous board that your wife had the back of her corbin seat moved forward. As there's no link to the old board, can you tell me again the details.
How far forward did have to go based on her height/leg size? Was she pleased with the difference?
I phoned corbin and they said they don't move the backrest forward when then moving the back of the seat forward. Did you have to modify the backrest at all?
All info greatly appreciated.

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Howdy. I almost missed reading this!

On Sherry's seat, they moved it forward about an inch and a half. While she is 5'9", her inseam is the SAME as mine (32 inch). I'm just under 6 ft. it's common for women to have longer legs and a shorter torso.

She likes her seat moved that far forward. for her, she says it is perfect. I've sat on it a few times, and for me, it's way too far forward feeling. Feels like they moved it more like 2 or 2 and a half inches forward. Puts me right up on the tank...too far forward. makes riding the bike/controling it awkward for me. But she swears by it. When i ride her bike (to take to the shop for her...or just 'because' i want to ride a red one!)...i swap out seats and take hers off and put my seat on. Mine was moved forward about one half inch to an inch.....and is just perfect for me.

on mine, there was no problem with the back rest. On hers, the only problem was that Corbin forgot to put the dang hole in the seat pan to attach the backrest with the small button screw. I had to drill the hole in the seat pan myself! i didn't hit it perfectly on the first i had to drill a second hole. It's underneath on the seat pan, so you can't see it. But it did aggravate me that i had to drill it and now i have that 'extra' hole :cry:

bottom line, unless you are REAL short, i wouldn't move the seat as far forward as Sherry did. if you were say 5'6" or less....MAYBE i would. otherwise, i'd go more like i did...a little more modest move. The rear bars are a must for either situation! I used to have the forward bars. the rear bars are much better positioning for me! And the back rest is still perfectly functional in either case.

hope this answers the mail.....
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