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Hey folks:

As a relative newbie to the board, I really want to compliment Ra Rune out of Dallas Texas area!

He sold me a Rune Rumble Seat. Not only was the seat EXACTLY as he described, not only did he give me a fair price, but he went out of his way at every step to make sure the transaction was smooth and easy!

He packaged that thing better than Corbin themselves!! His shipment was outstanding with bubble wrap AND blown foam. Nice thick and clean box.

Shipped it FAST and charged only ACTUAL shipping (even got a discount from retail rates)!!

I cannot compliment this guy enough! He knows Runes! He knows how to deal honestly and directly.

He is a gentleman.

Thanks Ra Rune! I appreciate your efforts!

Let's Geaux
2004 NRX18DB4 w/Chrome Wheels
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Thank You very much for the compliments...

I have not looked at the 'Off Topic' Forum lately so, I just now saw your post.

I certainly hope you enjoy your Rumble Seat... Thanks again.

'Ra Rune'
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