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Tomorrow is the last bike show of the season here in St. louis, kind of sad in a way for the ole Hogslayer. :(
It's been a great season, lots of riding and lots of shows and lots of trophies, I'm gonna have to build a case just for the DRAGNN's hardware!
So far, 6 shows, 6 1st in class (we all know this bike is in a class of it's own!), 1 Best of Show. The show tomorrow is at the international speedway. Should be a big show, we'll see how the DRAGNN fares. It's all decked out with some recent Ultimate Machine goodies, Bladed knock-off, pivot arm covers, and pointed caps on the fork. I can't sing the praises of Tom Sr and Tom Jr enough, They are a Runes best friend!
The trophies and the recognition are good, the pride, but what I truly enjoy is talking with and educating people about this one of a kind piece of functional art. It's good PR for the Rune and Honda. (Maybe Honda should be paying me a PR Rep! :lol: )
It's gonna be 50f and windy here tomorrow, I will be riding the Rune to the show!
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