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Vitki04 said:
My question is :

What is exactly what you guys want ?
1 Complet headers with mufflers (covered by the original chrome)
2 mufflers only (covered by the original chrome)
3 a complet different exhaust other than the original look
4 Would you cut your own exhaust and do the install yourself
5 would you send me part of your exhaust if I told you where to cut it before shipping
6 would you pay a $1300.00 core charge on the exhaust plus the cost of fabrication and when we receive your old exhaust you get reimburse.

Please guys let me know what you want
1-Yes-I don't think I would like to cut my original exhaust it would be hard to replace if need be.
2-No-it would require cutting the original exhaust (am I right) :?:
3-No- I think Honda did it right wouldn't change a thing :!:

I would feel comfortable swapping out the system.
I would like to have a deeper sounding a little louder muffler with the same exhaust pipe configuration :twisted:

1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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