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Here are my opinions on a new exhaust, hope it helps in planning this.

1. Most importantly, the look of the original has to be retained. Honda got this right.

2. I've gutted the stock exhaust and like the results. I still think the sound could be deeper. That is more important than loud, although the stock is just way too quiet. If you can create something that is louder than stock and much deeper sounding then you have a winner.

3. I would remove the old exhaust and re-install the new one myself. I have no problem with paying a core charge, but not if I send you my exhaust and my money and then wait 6 weeks. I think you need to plan a quick turn around time.

4. Finally, I would like to see some dyno or other numbers with the new exhaust. Honda is very, very high tech. I'm sure they've spent a lot of time optimizing the stock exhaust. I hesitated for quite awhile to modify the stock exhaust because I was worried about how it would affect performance. Clearly a 900lb Rune isn't made for racing, but if a new exhaust could also provide even a slight power increase then I would be more anxious to have one.

While my opinions may be different than others, I hope they help you get this started.

Dirk Carnahan
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