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well i DO HAVE A RUNE....two of them in fact, so i do get to vote 8) ...maybe even twice???

anyway, all joking aside. I would like to KEEP the original look of the pipes. Honda got that right. it looks just needs to sound perfect. While the sound is good (and for the life of me, as the owner of TWO Runes...and a Valk, i don't know what all this foolish talk is about sounding like a VTwin? Cause it doesn't sound ANYTHING at all like a VTwin. PERIOD. I've had several VTwins lately....and several 6 cylinder bikes. This sounds like all my other multi cylinder bikes ....of course!)....Honda did not get the VOLUME of sound right. That's what we need improvement on.

Keep the same look, make it slightly louder...and deeper...and throatier. Kind of like going to a glass pack on a Valk, if you will.

I would prefer to meet a vendor at one of the many rallies i go to...and have him do the mod/change out while at the rally. i hear removing the pipes is a pain. that's a pain i don't want to mess with...if i can avoid it. I MIGHT be reluctantly willing to perhaps pay for cores....swap out...then be reimbursed. but that's a lot of bucks. It would have to be done QUICK...VERY QUICK. And that is not my preferred way to go....

i would be willing to cut on my own pipes to do an EASY mod that could gain some sound. as long as it was something EASY. No removal of 'rocket science'. SOmething like the old mod on the Valks...just pop a big drill bit in...drill out the rear baffles...and in seconds, more sound. something like that.
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