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Hi james,
nice days, j am 4stars master diver CMAS. and j am a white skin (as a *******) the picture is at 10 miles from the seaside and got from an inflatable boat. the deep at that place is 120/190 feet. we were hunting "merou" as old Roman boats charge. do you know that 98% of boats built since the beginning of history are in the deep of the mediterranean sea??

anyway. the thickness of "V" kit is seven millimeters stainless stell. do not use less. stainless stell is elastic.
the two bolts supporting the V kit are 6 millimeters as the originals. but as stainless steel is not enought strong as normal steel, j tested them with an high pressure. they seem to be enought strong for 300 pounds passenger.

with the desing and the dimensions you may easily produce this kit.
in my opinion and respecting the other two solutions, this is the best for the passenger feet position and for the remouving.
with some time should be possible to have a better design for the "V" pieces , may be with some holes .
tks for complimemets but the best compliment is from my wife who stand back at me on the Rune.
ciao from italy
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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