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I would consider buying a set if I liked the design?

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Rear peg mounts

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I am in the process of developing a set of rear peg mounts that will attach to the same mounting position as the front peg mounts do. They will be cast, polished then chrome plated and I anticipate I will sell them for around US$150-180 a set inc shipping to the USA.

The idea is that the mounts will not require any new holes and can be taken off easily without affecting the lines or finish of the original. Take off the two caps each side, remove the bolts, fit the rear mount nd insert new bolts then reinstall the caps.

I will be basically mirroring the front mounts in design. At this stage I am planning to use the ISO Wings as the pegs so any peg that uses the same mount system should fit.

My question is (and I haven't got photos, drawings etc as yet) would anyone be interested in helping me amortise the set up costs by buying one? I am not seeking firm orders, just trying to gauge the market.

My thoughts for using the rear pegs are as a temporary measure, I do not anticipate replacing the seat, just for the odd ocassions when one must take another for a ride.

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