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riding with a passenger

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Hi bross.
today j get a ride with the husband of my daugther (davide)as passenger.
till today j has as passengers only my wife or one of my three children.
considering the maximum weight loaded j had
98 kg hannibal + 56 kg fiore + 15 kg GW full of cloths = 169 kg
Davide is 80 kg so the rune today had a load of = 98 + 80 + 5(gw empty)=183 kg
j wish to point out that till a load of 169 kg the Rune is controllable at 80% in S roads (turns left + turn right or contrary), exceeding to 183 kg j reduced the speed to remain into a security. j suppose that Rune is controllable at 60%.
That means where j was riding at 100 km alone, to remain in security it is better to ride at 80 or 60
No problems with breaks. No problems in riding into the town (agility)
The result says anyway that the Rune is a bike to enjoy alone or with a light load.
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I took a passenger up Pike's Peak and had no problems. Our weight was 152kG. The final altitude was 13,000 feet and I went all the way without stopping or skidding. The engine did not overheat, the cooling fans cycled on and off. Ken
Hi Ken,
yes j agree with you. my opinion is that there is a line.

from 100 to 160 kg of load there is no much difference in riding in turns.
from 160 kg up rune could be rided without problems but speed must be reduced considerabily in turns. may be increasing the rear suspension j get a better result. when j change the rear tire j will adjust the suspension.

We have a few beefy brothers that weigh that and they still ride very well, the biggest difference I notice is that the ground clearance is minimized and part will scrape sooner. Like Hannibal says, you will have to scrub off some speed, or you will be scrubbing off parts! Ask me how I know!! :grin: I weigh 125 kg and my pillion weighs around 70kg totalling 195-200kg. We have scraped up a few parts! :grin:
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