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Rivco Passenger Floorboards/ Owners please reply

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Hey Guys, Just bought # 397 Double Clear Coat Black, pullbacks, chrome rims. Stunning bike with performance to boot. Question is to the ones who have Rivco passenger pegs is 1. Do they mount securely enough ? 2. Are they positioned in a comfortable location for the wife ? 3. Are you satisfied with the overall arrangment ? Thanks for the help.
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Rivco Footboards

The boars mount solid enough for me to get on one at a time with no sense of it not being solid... I weigh 175#...answer...they are solid. Your wife will find herself sitting up a bit higher than normal on the Rune. the Rivco footboards will have her sitting a bit like a horse jockey. My lady friend finds the boards very comfortable... I also have the flip up Corbin rumble seat... it is awesome too. Be careful riding with a passenger.... it takes a bit of hgetting used to. On my VTX I never even felt a passenger... on the Rune I feel uncomfortably top heavy with a 130 lb lady on board. I am getting used to it but just a word of caution... Have your passenger throw her leg over the seat before mounting the floorboards. My passenger stepped on the board while I was holding the bike the first time.... kinda like you would put a foot in the stirrup and then throw a leg over...I almost lost it... the 900 lb bike is a lot to hold up... anything that throws it off balance will REALLY throw it off balance. Finally... the Rivco requires a hole for each footboard boss be drilled thru the back chrome cover... a necessary evil... You will not regret purchasing these boards. I put them on myself in 2 hours with no experience working on cycles.. Some of the frame bolts were reversed from what Rivco's instructions showed and the screw that holds the board to the boss (at least on my pair) both were cross threaded after 2 or 3 turns... Had to chase the threads out and use stainless bolts... Check to make sure they screw in ok before you get them stuck ...I tthought mine would break off...then a real problem... Enuf ranting here... good luck...
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I have the Rivco passenger boards. There are terrific. I took the side plates to my machine shop to have the holes cut. I did not like the idea of trying to cut a round hole with a coping saw!!! The diagram they provided was off by 1/4" but still large enough for the pegs to mount properly. The shop used their water saw table that shoots a jet of water with silicon carbide dust "mud" in it.

The position is perfect for long rides with a rider. And today, my rider and I went up Pike's Peak almost to the top! 6 miles of gravel/sandy road. No problems. The fuel injection adjusted itself such that I had consistent torque in 1st gear going up the grade to the 13,000 foot marker where they stopped all traffic.
The dual Corbin heated seat completes the ensemble.

I use the Rivco passenger boards myself for an alternate foot position.
Sort of like a horse jockey with my feet tucked behind me. Very comfortable alternate position. Ken (17,700 miles)
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Hey guys thanks for the input I really needed it . Maybe it want be long I will have some. I will say I rode 352 miles this weekend and had to make myself park it. I just sold a 35K custom and at 100 miles I was hurting and wanting off badly, could not wait to park it. This Rune gets way more looks and conversation than the Custom, not even a fair comparision. I've been riding 34 years (ouch) have had 50+ Bikes and this bike is a mind blower. It's really nice to have a bike you don't want to get off of. Thanks Again
Hi BlackBear,

I have the revico boards also.

#1. The boards mount securely and I have not had a problem with weight on them.

#2. They are positioned perfect. I like the boards over the pegs for the additional protection it gives the mufflers, with that soft, easily scratchable chrome.

#3. Overall, I am pleased with the boards.
If I were to purchase boards now, I would look into the boards that are to claimed to mount in 15 mins. They would have to be in a position that the passangers heels to not scrape the pipes. they do not have to cut into the side covers.

#4. dislikes, removing them is just a little of a pain. there are some little pins that are part of the exterior mounting. they are easily lost if you are not paying close attention.
Rivco sent me a new set of pins and new round chrome covers at n/c.

#5. I have a good deal of hands on tools experience and it took me quiet a bit longer than two hours to complete the job. The instructions could use some help and I had a couple of bolts that were also stripped out, rivco sent more at n/c.

#6. look into all of your options before you choose. When i got mine there were only 2 manufacturers at the time.

Good Luck,

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Put on the Rivco floor boards , took my lady for a ride and she loved them. It took me about 3 hrs to install and had no problems . Very good quality, very good fit, excellent product. The bike pulls like she isn't even back there. Now if my Corbin seat would just get here. Again thanks for input. :D Oh yea Thanks Rivco
During my 1 day run from St. Louis MO to Saint George SC (900 miles) yesterday, I noticed that two of the rubber inlays disappeared. I dont know if it was an adhesive failure from Rivco, or if the 105+ cruise speed is beyond specifications for "accessory shear." The Rivco pegs are solid and heavy - great work Rivco! Can you send me a replacement set of rubbers??? :wink:
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