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Rocket III Video...

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Probably sounds better in person than on videotape. Sounds VERY much like a Valkyrie, maybe a little higher pitched. It has the same whirring sound the Valkyrie makes..
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yeah... but it will definitely out excellerate a valkerie, and almost any other bike. I have actually been considering getting one of these (in addition to the rune) I had contacted the local dealer and he told me to come by July 15, to look it over. The 2300 CC engine is a monster, and the bike is lighter than the rune by about 100 pounds!
Yeah. Honda definately needs to answer this call. The Rune is in a different category and I really don't think it's a competitor. That bike was made to compete with the VTX, and 2000 Suzuki, and maybe the V-Rod.

Triumph is really doing it right. They have a good selection of accessories ready and apparently a nice optional exhaust. If they can prove to be reliable, they will sell every one they can ship over here. If they sell a bunch of these bikes, I wonder if Triumph would ever consider opening a facotry here in the U.S. to make some U.S. specific models? Ya never know. It works for Honda.
John Bloor (Triumph top brass) admitted the Rocket 3 was originally designed to compete with the Valkyrie in fact early prototypes used all Valk running gear. Even now I think it still has a similar look.

Now a blown Rune would be something really special.............Lamont????
Yeah...The bike in the first spy pics on the internet had a Valkyrie frame, forks and front brakes.

It was pretty obvious when you looked at it close enough. I guess it was the easiest way to test the drivetrain since the engine/transmission is probably pretty close in length. It probably require minimal frame modification.
My brother's Rocket 3 has arrived at the Triumph dealers; he's picking it up on the weekend. My Rune arrives next week.
Should prove and interesting time next week. We'll certainly be swapping over bikes a lot.
The Triumph was originally going to be mine. I put a deposit on one way back when, hence I got one of the first in the UK. After much reflection I deceided the Rune was the better choice/bike for me, (good long term experience with Vakyries) so I let my brother have the Rocket three.
I've read everything I could on each bike and I'm 95% sure I've made the right decision. I'll give you guys comparative impressions in a week or so.
I think it's the Triumph's similarity to the Valkyrie that attracts me to that bike as well.
Be prepared to be looking at the rear end of that Rocket III. There's no doubt it's going to be a lot faster than the Rune. It has something like a 30-40 HP advantage. I love the big rear tire, too.

It's got nothing on the Rune in the "cool factor" though...
Having had a good look at the Rocket in the flesh I thought it looked rather cobbled together rather than designed like, for example, the Rune. Triumph perhaps could have put a little more thought into integrating the bits into something cohesive. Perhaps the options will correct most of the looks...
I also have seen the Rocket in the flesh. While the high HP and implied performance appealed to me, I did not like the overall appearance of the bike. Unlike the graceful smooth flowing lines of the Rune, the Rocket just had a bunch of parts assembled into a non cohesive large motorcycle. The engine looked "strange" sitting all exposed in the motorcycle frame. The engine had little chrome and to me looked as if it had been designed to be hidden in an automobile or behind a lot of plastic. Actually the second time that I saw it (at Daytona in the Spring) it looked much better as some chrome had been added. It has been reported that there are a number of options available and maybe some of these will improve the appearance for me. Also maybe the look will "grow" on me as I am exposed more to the machine. It must be awesome to ride.
almost everything is available in chrome (doesn't come standard) from a dealer, for an additional price. That was the one thing i did not like: it is not symetrical. Plus all the good stuff is extra.

after looking at one in person, i was wrong. it looks good!
The irony here is the Triumph was designed to be a rocket III from the start. The Rune was designed around the Goldwing.
Having said that, neither bike is beautiful IMO (nor my ex-'99 Valkyrie). Both have ugly (one too wide, the other too long and tall) and massive engines, but that's what makes them ATTRACTIVE. Out of the two, I definitely give the nod to the Rune. And I much prefer the F6 than a Rocket's triple, even with its huge power/torque advantages. And considering the 2 'beasts', the Rune is the better looking by far, not to mention better fit and finish, and more reliable. V-Twins are much more pleasing to the eye, but I don't like them. I like different, and that's where the Rune and Rocket fall into place.
My analogy of them is the Rocket is a Corvette convertible. The Rune a Lexus SC430. Former looks and feels cheap in comparison, but it's more powerful, lighter, and cheaper. In real life bought an '03 Vette and traded it for the SC430 6 months later (1K+ miles) at a HUGE loss. Zero regrets. Won't do the same mistake with the bikes (plus I'm keeping the BMW for sport-touring), which means the Rocket III is out of the question for me.
It's definitely nice for the segment (power cruisers?) to have such bike around. Honda could easily extract more performance out of the Rune. Competition is GOOD.
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I had a buddy that was going to buy that Lexus SC430 but he bought a Candy Red Chrysler Prowler instead. :?: That thing is ALL about looks.
Not Bad

Okay so it's got more ponys and it is not THAT bad looking. Not a 1/10th as cool as the Rune. Where is the STYLE?
Okay so it's got more ponys and it is not THAT bad looking. Not a 1/10th as cool as the Rune. Where is the STYLE?

Nah, it's not BAD looking. It just doesn't look as nice as the Rune, that's for sure. It probably looks a lot better with some of the accessories that Triumph sells, and that's EXACTLY the way Triumph wants it.
I just came back from my local Triumph dealer. I like the bike. It does look good. they offer just about everything for the bike, chromed if you want it. I will get one, probably in '05.
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