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As one does, I had a test ride on the Rocket 3 over the weekend. It was interesting but my overwhelming feeling was it just reinforced how good the Rune is!

It is quite bizzare that Triumph would tune the bike to be so peaky in power delivery. While it makes the bike fun to play on and off the powerband it is kind of like trying to hide the real performance. Reminded me of the goold old Yamaha YZ460 that was either an insane handful or too docile.

I can see why the owners would rave about their Rockets, it isn't a bad bike by any means- its just not a Rune.

I see that the pre-launch claimed 0 to 60 of 2 seconds rather expanded into 3.8s which is, acording to the article i saw, 0.1 second slower than an R1.

Does anybody know what performance the Rune attains over 0-60mph?

Ah, but to sell the Rune and buy a Rocket? Not this fellow thats for sure.
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