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Rolling Thunder XVII

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Dec 28-30 in DC
Will be riding up with chapter 5 out of North Carolina, and be riding up front with the chapter members from each state. Bring along 50 others friends and members from other chapters, CBA, CMA, etc..
Would like to have other Rune's there if possible..Staying in Centerville and will drive in for events..

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Rolling THunder afteraction report

Just wanted everyone to know what a wonderful time my wife and I had there and running into RuneRider99. Gene was very nice and full of laughter and it was truely a great time to share with 500,000 other bikers and we were in tons of pictures taken by all. Gene even tried to charge $5 bucks per shot...HA!! If you get the chance you have to go next year, but make the reservations early, like by Dec if you want to ride...and take the Rune....the American public need to see this wonder bike..
Dave :D
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