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You can use your stock air cleaner and pick up 7 to 8 HP all at no cost to you. We did many dyno runs with my Rune back in Febuary and March of this year, while we were testing my exhaust mod. If you are interested in modifying your airbox, just contact me and I will tell you how to do it. Ernie at Dragon Exhaust. [email protected]com

PS. This is a no cost mod for you. Just a little work on your part.
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Air Box Mod

Ok guys, You flooded me with emails so I am responding here. I am having trouble loading pics on to my computer. When I get it straightened out I'll post them on here. All that is involved is cutting off the top of your stock air cleaner and exposing the whole air cleaner element. You also have to remove the flat plastic plate inside the top half of the stock air cleaner. Eliminate the vacumn motor that operates the small air door and plug the vacumn line. Make sure that you reinstall the air temperature sensor in its current location. The induction noise is a real rush. It sounds like dual quads kicking in on a large displacement V8! FORD engine of course. If you want to go back to stock you will have to buy a new top half of the air cleaner from Honda. My personal Rune has had this mod since March with no adverse effects. Its not for everyone....but its FREE HP! So get out the Xacto knives and carefully cut off the dual air intakes. You will understand it better once you have it off the bike and on the bench. Don't forget to install your air cleaner and don't drop anything in the throttle bodies! I'm sure that K+N Filters is working on a replacement filter for us. When it comes out for sale, all you have to do is swap it for the stock unit. Ernie
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I haven't see the underside of my gas tank/top of the air box, but would this mod increase the chance of rain water getting into the airbox?
Shawn are you worried about rain in Vegas I thought you never got any there.
Yeah, well, I'm moving to Seattle at the end of July!
Hey Runehead, did you find that when you did the airbox mod your way that the soot on the exhaust was less than before or no change or about the same.let me know, thanks
VegasShawn, Of course youre going to expose it to some rain water, but the airbox is completely covered by the fuel tank and the air supplied is coming from under the tank. I doubt that a few drops of water will hurt anything anyway. Do you ride in the rain a lot?

Rune018, The exhaust soot on the chrome did not change much at all, if any. I know why your asking that question....... I could say a few lines about that topic, but not on here. What would an airbox mod have to do with exhaust soot anyway?
Do you ride in the rain a lot?
Well, no, not really...But like I said, I am moving to Seattle.
Shawn, have you lost your mind?


My friend, the last time you were moving I think you were going to Texas. The only thing that bothered me about that proposed move is that I was concerned the Longhorn State would overcome Florida in the Rune count.

BUT :?: moving from Nevada, a land of big ski and sunshine to Washington where there is no sun and the ski hits you in the forehead every morning when you walk out the front door makes no sense. It rains in the Northwest 34 days a month, 9 days a week and 27 hours a day!

I have clients in Seattle and every time I’ve been there I needed a scuba breathing apparatus just to get from the air terminal to a waiting car.

Two hours after your arrival you’ll notice some brown stuff accumulating on the Rune’s gas tank, that will be RUST; something the Southwestern folks no nothing about.

My boy, come to your senses and move to New Jersey! :lol:
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Yeah, we were moving to move to TX, but that fell through. We ARE moving to Seattle at the end of July though. The house is on the market here in Vegas and we are moving to Issaquah / Bellevue. We are renting a house until we can find something else to buy.

My wife works for and the headquarters is in Bellevue.
hey, it aint that bad! spent 40 years in OH

and wouldn't move back for love nor $. yeah, we get a few months of drizzle but rarely rains hard and the riding out here more than makes up for the wet days... Vegashawn.. you will do just fine... just hook up with the Vermin Club out here and we will show you the ropes (wet and dry ones, LOL)
From what I have seen, the summers look pretty nice. The problem with riding in Vegas is that you really only have a couple of months of NICE riding weather during the 'spring'.

Riding around when it's 110 is no fun and it gets cold here in the winter (relatively).
NO New Jersey readers!

OK, I’ll come clean.
Florida is the only State in the US where you can get eaten alive just by sticking your toe in the water! :shock:
In Jersey City ( my birth City ) you get eaten alive too. But it the rats the size of cats that do the tasting :(
Rich K ( Rune Ski )

Did the same mod to my Rune after the first week of driving. I live in southern AZ at about 5000 feet. Called Honda to complain about massive amount of soot on exhaust after 20 mile ride. They told me ther wasn't a problem and hadn't had any other complaints (what a line). Anyway I took off the air cleaner cover and drilled 7 quater size holes in the left side intake, not the one with the flapper valve. This stopped all the soot problems and boy does it sound load when your on the throttle.

airbox MOD

Good evening

Other than the relocation projects..(Seattle vs. Texas, vegas whatever) HAHHA

Does anyone have any PIX of this AIRBOX MOD? I live in Miami, (thankyou--ride year round even IN the rain) and would really want to tackle this MOD... Cut the top off? Quarter sized holes?? IM ready, willing and able to tackle any of this...

K&N where are YOU??? HAHA
Thanks in advance,
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