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Rune at BMW meeting show

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j had been invited at a BMW test.
J went there with my Rune, alla people around to see my bike. after my explanations, the softer coment was "At honda crazy engineers"
anyway j went there as j want to purchase a big cruiser in february, j am oriented to a GW but no idea about the 1200 bmw cruiser.
J rided the 1200 for 15 miles in mountain (italian roads and italian small roads)

for the last 16 years j rided only my Rune and a GW2004 and both practically only from may 2004

j should tank the bmw team for courtesy so no coments. but.....get a GW.
from BMW j like only the electric elevator. hahahah
This bike is not bad but too hight seat and no enought power for a so heavy bike, especially at the departure.

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Which 1200 did you ride? I assume the K1200LT since you were comparing it to the GoldWing. I really like their new sportbike:

Quale 1200 voi hanno guidato? Ammetto il K1200LT poiché stavate confrontandolo al GoldWing. Realmente gradisco il loro nuovo sportbike:

New K1200S:

And the New R1200GS:
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Hi Runespyder,
j suppose the bike name is 1200 lt four cilinders.

the difference with goldwing is as from day to night.
J think that goldwing abs costs to me 18.500 euro and BMW 23.000

test both bikes before purchasing one. the test will give to you the best report.
Concerning the sport , there was the new sport 1200 but non available for any test.

ciao and "complimenti per il tuo italiano"

Don't compliment me on my Italian just yet! I am just using the translate tool on I always like the Golwding more than the BMW Tourer. I do like the fact that the BMW comes with more standard equipment than the GoldWing. I wish the Goldwing had an elelctric windshield.

Nonlo complimenti sul mio italiano appena ancora! Sono giusto per mezzo dell'attrezzo di traduzione su Gradisco sempre il Golwding più del BMW Tourer. Gradisco il fatto che il BMW viene con apparecchiatura più standard che il GoldWing. Desidero che il Goldwing ha avuto un parabrezza elelctric.

Here is the website for the translator:
I own a 2001 GoldWing and a 2004 Rune. The Wing has 62,000 miles and the Rune 8,600. The two are really different bikes. I use the Rune when I ride with my buddies that cruise on Wednesday nights to a local pub to eat and have fun. My Wing is my sport and tour bike. It has all the power and agility that I need to really get it on in the twisties of the mountains and all of the comforts needed to the enjoy the back to back 400 to 800 mile days of a week long tour.

As for the BMW 1200LT, I have not ridden it. I like it's styling when compared to the Wing. However it's center of gravity must be somewhat higher and the implied performance of a 1200 cc touring bike must be less or maybe inadequate.

I love both of my bikes, but if I could only have one, I would choose the Wing.

Hi Bross,

Translator not bad, it works.

J liked the style of Bmw, j did not suppose that engine was so poor.
Yes electric windshield and electric support are very interesting, you park your press the switch and the bike (slowly) go up on the support.
according my poor opinion in an emergency situation j would prefer to be on a goldwing the engine is replying quickler.

j am getting a GW for february for long cruise, it is more confortable for my wife and j may store something more. about Rune, we have different roads in italy than Usa and you should ride the Rune in Italy to understand how is fantastic this bike. We have smaller roads and much more turns than in Usa j hope to post a mouvie in a short time . now it is very cold to use the bike. too cold for the season, the weather should improve.
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