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Hi all,

Check out my Board profile and take a look at my www, or just take a look here :

- I'm quite happy with it - no, permission to speak frankly : I 'm just a bit proud ... :D

Of cause the most of You can't read it in details because it's in Danish, but yes it's a new danish GW, Valk & Rune Board.

Looked out a server for free use on the Internet with no user capacity limitations AND the phpBB software (in danish) on it and hooked up on the server and started programming about 11.00 AM Saturday, and ended programming about 18 continuing hours later, got some sleep and started posting announcements on the Board and sending out approx. 80 emails to other people to hook up and spread the word about the Board, and early Sunday morning sending mails to other relevant websites to get the Board linked from those websites, and got the Board registered at Google, Yahoo, MSN, Alta Vista and a couple of danish search engines. -

Haven't spent a cent on anything, and haven't touched phpBB - in that way - before ! - Just 18 hours of blood, sweat and tears ... and lots of coffee ! - Coffee, because I'm certainly not a Web Dude as LaMont or a Computer Geek as Brad (HS), otherwise I'm informed that "correct gasoline" is Coke and burgers ( :?: ) ...

- - -

There is only one formal GW organization in DK, and not making a fuzz out of it self - approx. 550 - 600 members, and quite some internal trouble and no Message Board, just a poor lousy website. Then there are three geographical based informal "riding groups" (in principle just a website and the "members" communicating by email and phone "when to ride", and no management) under the one formal organisation... The danish web for such Big Bikes is simply just dead for the moment and has always been, in my humble opinion.

At least some of the of the GW/Valk riders in that organization are professional computer geeks, but nobody had so far bothered to do the work.

So I decided that if none of them pro's had intended to do it so far, I had to sit down on my flat butt and find out how to do it my self. :twisted:

Members of all 4 organizations/groups got mails to hook up, and I'm quite eager what the reactions will be - both in the short run and in the long run - they're not everybody fund of each other, I've heard - we have that "North/south thing" here in DK, too ..but here it is east/west - the more to the west the more "*******/Hillbilly" (long a way from decadent snobby Copenhagen)!!

So You may say that the Rune Board now is a motherboard - no, not that kind of motherboard - this kind of motherboard :!: :lol:

I'm quite eager what this will bring and will it prosper in the long run or end up dead, for the moment I have to be patient because we're in the vacation period. I hope it survive that "what is that?, and how does this work ?"-phase, and that people actually ends up using it, for experience and information sharing, for communication and for fun - excatly as here :!: :lol:

Well, now I've put the Boat in the sea, now it's (almost) on it's own - allmost like a grown up child moving out ...

(It won't be long before I get both post, PM and email from Chuck ...) :lol:

I ask You to cross Your fingers with me for this new board, the spin off of the Rune Board, to prosper ...
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