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Rune exhaust mod!

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Hi All, I have my Rune back together after doing Runehead's all-out exhaust mod! He has 3 mod's to date. I don't know what he calls them but, I have nicknamed them the Little-out, Half-out and All-out mod's. I am extremely happy with the service and the sound. It honestly sounds like a Porsche with headers on steroids. A very low powerful sound, yet not to loud to be obnoxious to the ears. I couldn't have imagined a more perfect sound for such an awesome looking bike. Thanks Ernie, I love it. Ed
PS. Ernie is a member of both boards. He goes by "Runehead". He can be reached at [email protected]. He probably should be giving me a few bucks for this post but, he won't. LOL.
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Good one less thing I have too worry about fabricating.....
Can we see some pictures ????
Hi Danny, What a neat addition your little name plate makes to the Rune. Noticed by all and fits to a tee. Runehead modify's the stock exhaust so, pictures won't help. I installed some 8" Flanders cruiser bars and will post pictures of the whole bike shortly if, I can figure out how to do it on this site. Ed
PS. Bought 3 of your shirts. Good work! Thanks!
Diehardeddie said:
I couldn't have imagined a more perfect sound for such an awesome looking bike.
How do I get this new sound? Is the mod something that you did to the bike with instruction from Runehead or did you send or take the bike to him? After the mods were completed were there any required engine modifications ? Does the enhanced exhaust improve performance?
Runeman, I removed the exhaust system and sent it to him. No engine mods needed. His name is Ernie. Just e-mail him with contact info. He is a super person to deal with. He did an excellent job and kept me informed through the whole process. He will answer your questions. You will love the sound. Ed
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