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Please check out my web page. ... packs.msnw Thanks, Ernie/Runehead

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Hey Ernie,
Can you give me some info ?
After visiting your site ,my guess is that I have to take my exhaust of and send it to you and put it back on in 4 to 6 weeks is that right?
then the mods start at $500.00 , where does it end.
What if I don't like the performance or the sound , what do we do then?
Thanks for your time in responding and for helping us with working the Rune bugs out.
sound bite??

could you get a sound bite for us to hear?? It might heelpp some of us make the big decision..thanks

USMC RUNE, I'm working on getting a video and audio clip together. Does anyone know if I can post it on this site anywhere? Redvalk, Are you listening? Runehead
I'm not gonna send my pipes off to be modified unless I know all the details of what is going to be done. Just telling me it's gonna be louder and cost me $500 + isn't enough. Please tell me what your mod involves?

ya same here... i wounder if it would void the warenty also. woulder what honda says about it? maybe one could take off the pipes and have a local guy look at them and see if they could take some of the crap out of them to get a little more power and sound out of them... in stead of sending them off to BFE. and have on idae who has them and if you will ever see them cant be to carfull
This sounds intersting... But also would like to know more about it & if there will be as they say in the medical world, "Side Affects".
6 1/2 year old post!
I never heard of anyone doing the Mod
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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