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Rune License Plate Frame

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Does anybody know where I can buy a high quality billet license plate frame?

Thank you,

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Hi Ralph, I have gotten several from these folks. Nice frames. I put the plain chrome one on first and then switched to the twisted chrome. It blends perfect with the led tail lights. Their site is Hope you find what you want. Ed
Hey Ralph, It's me again. The # of the twisted chrome one, if you care, is DS720805. Stay cool, Ed
Plate Frame

I used the Honda Line chrome billet one, it looks good and fits. You can see in my avatar next to this post.
Hi Ralph,
If you want to hold on for a few days , I'm waiting on my billet frame back from the machinist.
They are CNC and engraved with the word Rune above the plate, should have those back anytime now.
I have a billet alum one made by Cobra. They even have the oddball size required by Maryland.

I've bought several items of their's over the years, including a couple of license plate billet frames and everything I've bought was always very high quality.

My Honda dealer orders it for me and I get 15% off.
Will have pictures of the new billet Rune frame for your plate Tomorow.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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