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Rune Paint Codes?

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Does anyone have the paint codes for Rune? I have Candy Black Cherry and need to get some touch up mixed for a rock chip.
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The paint codes are:

Rune Candy Black Cherry R287

Color-Rite Paint Part Numbers are
Base 1245
Color 2245
Clear UCA 150 Aerosol
CR-410 Clear requires catalyst.

Color-Rite makes paints:
in pens which are easy to use but not the greatest method of application
2 oz Bottles with applicator brush, need a steady hand
11 oz Aerosol cans, for larger areas or parts
1/2 pt and Quart Cans

The Clear coat in the pens, small bottle and Aerosol is good but isn't catalyzed so its not as hard as factory clear coat. Its good enough for touch up.

One more thing, the part needs to be cleaned prior to painting. They sell an aerosol prep Part Number A4638 but don't list it on their website. Don't use a wax and oil cleaner, it interfers with the paint sticking to the part. to check out their stuff. I suggest calling them at (800) 736-7980, it takes them about 4 days to get the paint to you.
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Rune Touch Up Paint

I went to my local dealer and ordered Honda's touch up paint for the Rune, it's called Bloodstone Red Metallic. (first hint it might be the wrong color, Honda sez the bike is Black Cherry) It is of course the wrong color, much redder then the color on the bike. I've ordered another bottle, the dealer hopes a different batch will cure the mismatch.

Cliff :?:
Actually the bloodstone and candy black cherry are the same color. It looks very dark in the bottle and requires several coats to get a color match.

Did the Honda Paint have the metal flakes in it or did it come in a separate bottle?

In order to get the correct color the paint (at least from color-rite) is a 3 step paint proces: 1. base coat (silver flake) 2. color coat, 3 clear.
Metal Flake???

The Honda paint comes in a single bottle, it's marked Metalic but I see no metal flakes in the paint. Application is simple, dab the brush in the bottle and dab the fender. I've put two coats on so far. It still appears to be very red.

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