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If we have a Rune Rally next year, would you come?

  • Heck Yes.....Yee Ha! Count me in

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  • It depends....on where, when, etc. But I'd probably go

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  • I doubt it. Too many Rallys and Events already out there to do!

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Rune Rally poll

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please answer the poll. Granted, alot depends on where, when, etc. Just looking for initial feedback here on any possible interest.
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my initial 'brain storming' thoughts were ....and this is just ONE have the Rally in Ashville, NC. Sometime in the summer, but a date to be determined as to not conflict with other major rallies. IE, NOT during Americade, Hoot, Homecoming, InZane, Myrtle Beach, Sturgis, etc. (gee....there don't seem to be too many major rallies in September....). Though summer is sometimes best for families due to kids and school.

probably a weekend event...or three days. Maybe a few ride....a friday night social with some free door prizes...etc.

Just initial POSSIBILITIES.....if i see enough response....we can follow up with polls on a few locations selected for 'logistic' reasons....and a poll on preferred dates.....preferred format...etc.
St. Louis is the dead center of the country and is very motorcycle friendly,
great riding on the Great River Road along the mississippi river.
Gee HS, you wouldn't be biased on that observation....would you :lol:

St Louis is nice...i have relatives there. but that would be tough for me to pull off logistically as far as toting all the supplies, getting Direct Line there as a vendor (he can probably do that in Ashville, as he has a major store 25 miles away), and doing an advance 'scouting' run would be difficult it is a fer' piece away from me.

Plus, i go there a couple times a year....and it doesn't have the kind of roads Ashville does!

But....everything is up for debate right now. But if you see my other post on this....we're already getting several people saying 'amen' to Ashville. If you've been know why :wink:

i've been there 5 or 6 times over the years for Hoots and BBR rallies....and you never run out of things to see or do...or killer roads to ride. The only reason the Hoot moved away was the Hoot got too big (like 20,000 bikes worth of too big) to fit in Ashville. Logistically, they were running out of room and rooms.

I don't think we'll have that problem 8) ....where ever we decide to have a rally. i see in the poll, we have a lot more 'it depends on time and location' than we do on plain old yes answers.

probably have to put out another poll....with suggested locations...and maybe one with suggested months????
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I've been to ashville, it's alright. Ky, Tn and southern IL, best roads in the midwest for ridin, I've rode this whole country bro, including the AlCan.
I think Tucson Az would be the perfect place , great weather , great places to visit.
I'm pretty sure that if we went that route I would be the only vendor and the only Rune there. :lol:
Guess it is too far for everyone. :cry:
for me, the distance getting there is secondary to the good riding at the location. Make it a good one!

count me in.

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