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Can any of you well traveled American riders give my some pointers for this trip which will be in spring 05.Looking for the most interesting route up the east coast to take the ' posh ferry ' (QM2) back to the UK !
Intend to do it at a leisurely pace ! a couple of nights out somewhere in Carolina and Virginia !
There will be 2 Rune's both same spec ! black,chrome and set back bars ! should get some good pics riding around the deck !
If anyone wants to meet up from that neck of the woods let me know !


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I've got you covered in the north west New Jersey area. I'm 2 hours from NYC where you can jump on the QE2.
Skyline Drive in the Blueridge Mountains through Virginia is a must. There are some cool caverans (large caves) in that area too. The ride up the barrier islands (Cape Hatteras) in North Carolina is nice too, but that is Ken's territory so I'll let him tell you about that area.
Let me know how much time you'll have in this area and what you like to see and do. I'll let you know where it is in this area.
You have to check out the Amish people out in Pennsylvania (about 2 hours from here) they really don't have any indoor plumbing, no electricity, no cars (horse and buggy),
If your into the city life theres no place like NYC for stuff to do. If you need tickets for any shows, let me know so I can get them early, there is a shit load of people around here so you have to get them before hand.
Later, John Henne
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