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Was just wondering if now is a good time to ask AGAIN if anyone came up with a logo or design for the Rune Riders, Do we brake it down by State or chapters( Vitki04: Rune Riders AZ).
Should we ask our members to draw an idea and post it.
Lets come up with a flag for our group because I'm proud of this new familly that I have found through this site last Dec. and I would be proud to wear its colors on my vest when I go on poker runs or to bike shows.
I'll think of a design and i'll post it here for comments and hope others will also.
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hmmm....a patch for the Rune Riders. That could be interesting? I vote none of this maiden head stuff (that was for the Valkyrie, NOT the Rune...and frankly, i always hated it for the Valk won't see any Maiden Head junk on my Valk :oops: ). Soemthing with the RUNE logo like on the tank....with some cool pic. the reason i haven't been buying any shirts or i havne't seen any COOL ones yet. I'd die for a cool looking shirt/hat/patch/flag.

So i'm hoping some of the creative minds will go to work now.... :p
GEES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thanks Tim.
I guess me and HS going back to the drawing board, :evil:

I recently purchased the Rune Patch from direct and it looks great, and with great detail...used liquid stetch to put it on my vest, but would still like a Rune Riders logo under that if there was one...
Dave :lol:

How about we get Helmets with HORNS and a flag with the RUNE RIDERS ( the same style as the RUNE on the tank)? Then we could add our state in smaller lettering on the bottom. It is not like the bike doesn't draw any attention, I do not think anyone would notice the Helments with the horns. :shock:
i know a vendor....

...who will be willing to make (and of course sell :shock: ) quality patches and shirts and stuff like that for our Runes. The CAT store sells apparel of all kinds for the Valkyrie...and they are interested in making a patch or whatever we want. they make good products. check out there stuff at

They say if we give them some input, they'll design whatever we want. Maybe we could have them do a Rune calendar too...with pictures of our bikes on there. Or a Rune club patch?

We just need to give them some feedback on what we want....
Well Tim since I ask about a Rune Riders flag, I guess I'll throw my name in the hat, for making whatever we come up with.
Rune Flag

Went out to another bike night event, and this time i payed attention to everyones patches & Logos on thier vests. After a while i realized thay all were the same theme, mostly wings or eagles . Many were identical with different wording, some said Honda, some Harley Davidson, etc. The rune flag need to stay away from the same old everyday stuff. If there is going to be lettering it should say RUNE or Rune Rider. I kind of like the whole viking warrior imagery that is in the posters for the rune. I have definitely not seen anything along those lines in designs. I hope this can be produced. Just my 2 cents.

(the bike Always get attention :D )
I agree the theme or look should be unique. We have a unique bike different than all the rest. Keep with the Rune Logo 4 sure! I like (for a t-shirt) black with silver Rune lettering. The viking or what ever it is looks dominating and conquering.


I visted the site RedValk mentioned and thought that the logo for the company "CAT" would make a good logo. A picture of a RUNE mixed with the word RUNE. A flag could have the GREAT AMERICAN FLAG colors, stars and stripes as the back ground and the logo as the main feature. The colors could be vibrant or subtle or mixed.We could put our state in small letters on the bottom.
I like that idea!
any progress on this?

It has been awhile since anything was posted on this. Any progress being made? Is it a dead?
Perhaps a picture of the Rune, from our vantage point as a rider! I swear, the front of my bike looks like a Buck Rogers rocket. With the 2nd set of turnsignal lights it looks more like a Tie Fighter, or the "Starman" rocket ship. I agree with the comments that we should be way past the need to have a logo that is macho d&d (disregarding the awesome paint jobs out there already!!!)
How about a Rune going into Hyperspace??
Here's a patch idea!!!

Hi all, I can't beleave someone missed this or maybe I did, but why not use the logo from our keys, you know the face on the part of the key that you hold when incerting & extracting from the ignition. and just below that Rune Riders M.C or just Rune Riders all letters in Rune script.
Just a thought.
check it out

take a look at the logo i did on the flashlight it has a head with horns if you are interested in it i will make it bigger and we could go from there it is simmilar to the logo on your Rune keys just go to my gallery
Hi Tom, I took a look at the flashlite now thats what I'm talking about may per haps a bit more detail on the face but thats it. Hey did I understand a previous post that you guys are working on outer valve covers for the Rune? & will there be any smooth types with no logo at all. Any eta available?
logo and valve covers

The reason why I didn't put any facial features on the flashlight logo because it was so small. I think I could work something out with some suggestions. As far as the valve covers go yes we are in the design process. As soon as we finish the knock off production we will be taking orders for the valve covers remember we will put anything you want on the valve covers if you want plain then you get plain. We will also be incorporating a high way peg mount into the valve covers so you can take them off or on without seeing any mounting brackets.
Hey Tom, very exciting news re: what you guys are working on, I'll take a set of the valve covers with no logo just chrome when there ready, also I know you are working on highway pegs too, I think thats great, I was originally wanting the highway pegs that mount to the crash bars, but I will put that off until I see what your new concept looks like. Keep us posted.
This is an idea I thought of for a patch that fits the Rune.
I'm not good at details but you can get the idea.
I also think on the butt end of the sward the Viking head might look good there.
I think it would look good on the back of a leather jacket across the shoulder blades if someone could do it.
Any thoughts?
Ride safe!

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