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Rune Shines on the "Spiral Highway"

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This weekend, Cyclops and I did a Charity ride from Seattle to Lewiston, ID.

Anyhow.... for the final 10 miles into Lewiston, we did the "Spiral Highway", which is the "old grade" for Hwy 95 which runs N/S along the western side of Idaho's panhandle. It drops 2,000 feet in 10 miles of switch-backs... NICELY redone pavement too !! 8)

So... this morning, I had the joy of ridin' his Rune all the way back to Seattle... with a side trip to do the Spiral Highway, UP... AND DOWN it !!

The Rune runs out of lean angle before it even BEGINS to feel like it's "working" in the corners !! 8) I was able to feel absolutely relaxed and smooth in those corners.

The Corbin seat was a little hard on my butt, but tolerable. I guess my legs are a little long to be truly comfy on an all-day ride on it

Thanks for the treat Cy !!! Good ride back !

Oh, yeah... Here's a TASTE of this sweet little piece of paved heaven.

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