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Rune Turn Signal LED

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I installed a new turn signal LED today 2.1V 8000 mcd output and find that the LED is still not bright enough to see during the day with the SignalMinder. :x

I am going to research both Kisan and Honda about the specifications for this LED.

I measured 0.74V DC across the LED contact for the turn indicator. :?: When I measured other LED's on the PCB (printed circuit board) I got 1.79V DC which tells me that the SignalMinder is sending less voltage to the turn LED.

If anyone has some other data to share please let us know in this thread.

I will report back on this subject too.
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oem turn signal LED to purchase

can you tell me what the stock turn signal LED is for voltage that I would need to purchase?
I need to replace mine because it somehow is blown?

can you tell me what the stock turn signal LED is for voltage that I would need to purchase?
I need to replace mine because it somehow is blown?

stock turn signal is actually a blade type bulb not an LED. I remember some thread a few years back on this full discussion of the LED's needed... I purchased an LED cluster type replacement but it didn't work so they sit on the toolbox ... Griz help please.
I'm not sure if you measure the voltage at the LED it would give you the right info.

I thought those LED's are driven by current values vs. a set voltage.... ?

I believe there's a required forward voltage to get the LED operating, current values drive the amount of light output.

.....been a looooong time since I had any electronics courses though.
first I'd like to know the reason (if known) for the blown LED---in my book that doesn't happen very often...............
Agreed! That is a curious one- Not to say that it CAN'T happen, but LED's burning out is kinda rare.

I haven't looked at that display circuit board to really get a good look at those LED's, but I'd have a hunch that you could use several "off-the-shelf" LED's for replacement.

BUT (and here's the BIG "but"), if you are UNSURE of what you are doing with electronics, take it to a professional.

LED's need to be installed in the correct orientation.
You have to be somewhat skilled with a soldering iron for removal of the old LED and proper new installation without damaging the board.

I'd like to know if all other LED's on Cabo's display board are working correctly, and there is ONLY the one LED that is non-functioning? Or, is something else going on with the board itself.....
Turn signal problems

Hi, I am new to this site. I have tried to read all I can but don't know if the turn signal indicator has anything to do with my problem. Mine is that the turn signals, both, seem to only work when they want to, usually every time I take it to HONDA. Have been there four times and they said first time it was loose connector. Second time same thing. Thing. Third time I told them to tape or tye strap together so I should not have to go back for same problem over and over. Forth time I ordered a relay and let them change out, but still have same problem. They tell me in order to change out handlebar switch it is over $400. Anybody else had same problem????:eek:4:
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