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Rune Windshields

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What windshield is best looking for the Rune ,and where can they be had?
Are there pictures anywhere of the windshields ?[/list]
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I have installed the 2-UP windshield from National Cycle. You can see my pictures in my personal gallery iamruned and also under photo post under RUNE and iamruned. This is a picture of the touring shield they make 2 smaller sizes also. This is the Switch Blade system it alows you to remove the windshiel in 2 seconds and all you see is 4.5" of chrome and two buttons. It took me 15 minutes to install and no mods. The 1800 VTX with the 2 1/8" diameter forks is the kit I bought. Wind Vest also makes a small shield.
to me...if you were going JUST BY LOOKS.....the Windvest wins. However, the Windvest only offers a limited amount of protection. It is just the right compromise for me....GREAT looks...that do NOT ruin the look of the bike....and SOME protection...enough to let me ride with half helmet and sunglasses only...with no tears or stuff in my eyes.

some taller folks mention some wind buffeting over the top. I'm just under 6 ft....and it is just fine for me on any length ride...any speed. Does it offer as much protection as a FULL shield?'s only 16 x 16 inch! If you want FULL protection, better go with one of the other ones.

But if you want GREAT looks and GREAT quality mounting, go with the windvest. It's better than riding with no windshield...and looks more like it came with the bike. that's MY take.

By the way, the pics on Iamruned bike (post above) are the next best looking to me....better than the Memphis least to ME. I've yet to see one that looks AS GOOD as the Windvest. I have no doubt though that these other newer ones function BETTER at keeping more wind off ya'.

Link for Windvest is found on Small Vendor page under the announcement that has links. Hal at Direct Line also has Windvests....and his price is LESS than you can buy direct from Windvest. Hope this helps.........
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Rifle .com

Look at my windshield and see if you like it

I think Rifle makes one of the best for the Rune
Sorry, don't like the Rifle. Saw several in person last October at Biketoberfest. In fact, two of the guys that had them....and saw my Windvest, wanted to know where they could get one. When i told them Windvest was selling them in Daytona on a show special, they went RIGHT then and bought them. TRUE STORY. Took there Rifles off.

The thing i (AND THEY...the two guys that had one) didn't like about the Rifle was the way it mounts. It's a univeral mount. The Windvest mount was designed for the RUne.....and looks like it!

But hey, different strokes for different folks. I wanted a shield that LOOKED GOOD on the bike.....didn't distract from the lines of the bike...had HIGH QUALITY hardward/mounts. The Windvest is all that. But again, it is NOT a full shield. ANd it is quite pricey (about 325-350...but worth EVERY DANG PENNY OF IT!!!!!!!!!). But to keep the good looks of this awesome bike...and keep the lines of the bike...and have a QUALITY mount that looks like it is MADE FOR THIS BIKE, still, so far, the Windvest wins hands down. That's my take. I've seen nothing out there yet to change my mind. I want style and looks.....with a LITTLE function. But the windshield can NOT distract from the bike. Still, the National Cycle offering now comes in a close second. I've seen the Rifle and the Memphis Shades "in the flesh". DIdn't care for either of those.

That's why there will never be a two passenger seat on this bike either :twisted: that just won't work for ME. But then for some, having a windshield wouldn't work either :!:

But again....everyone is different......
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After reading imruned revue on the National Cycle SwitchBlade with the quick release system I was sold. Installed and rode ,works well. Let me add that the mounting kit is #Q103 for the Rune, its listed for the VTX1800 R/S/C. I had doubts (sorry imruned) about fit because had no info on part number to order. I purchased the "Shorty" model, neat look great quality easy-on,easy-off. They are sold at a discount at MAW ONLINE.Com. Thanks for hearing me out. :D
Corbin boondoggle

If you want to pay TOP DOLLAR ($999) and get a wind screen that is opaque, but perfectly matched to your paint, and is difficult to put on and take off, and rattles when you go over washboard roads, then get the CORBIN. It does work. At 80MPH with no protection, I am just about blown out of my seat. With the Corbin, I can go 130 and be protected. The articulation capability is useful. You can park the screen all the way down to the handlebars so you cant see your status displays, but it looks cool.

I just finished a one-day 1,164 mile ride (constant speeds of 70 to 95MPH) from Lincoln Nebraska to Cedar city Utah. About 19 1/2 hours. (take a way 2 hours looking for my ejected tail pack, which is still east of Denver). The corbin fairing was great. Around town, I keep it full down and it rests on 2 rubber ball mounts to prevent movement and damage to the fairing. I run it locked full up for freeway riding. I am looking at putting an internal spring on the adjuster to keep tension on it all the time to prevent movement. (Which corbin should have done).
Yes it does rattle any where in between. That falls under "so what." We all spent 25 grand on a bike with no tac and seats one. That also falls under "so what". (But I really want a tac!)
pls tell me how or what you used for the rubber ball mounts.
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Corbin fairing

I have a Corbin fairing and am very happy with it's performance, fully down around town and fully up on open road. I haven't had any problem with rattling or vibration, I tightened the bottom side bolts fully, this alleviated any vibration, fairing still moves up and down ok.
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