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I went down to 2005 Long Beach bike show December 3rd.
The Honda reps had talked to the honda gods as how to answer the "Will there be any more Runes" question when it was asked.


Honda reps there said that there will be 05 and 06 Runes. Three factors:

1. They will be released near the end of the year.
2. They will be in less quantity.
3. They will be more expensive.

Apparently honda has missed the part where many Runes are just sitting on the showroom floor.

They had one out (black and chrome) people could sit on and one on a platform.

One person sat on it and said " The weight on this isnt to bad" as he rocked it side to side and then dropped it on the floor.

The honda rep picked it up for him as he disappeared into the crowd.

I also informed him of this website and what we like and dislike about the bike. Especially the tire/tach issues. He fully understands that the dunlop front tire SUCKS.

If anyone goes, the best thing to see is the blonde babe that works for Ducati. When you see her, the last thing on your mind is motorcycles.
Trust me. :pepper1:

The shows not bad either.
I also picked up some little RUNE brochures. They are kind of neat.
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