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"As of April 18, 2023

"Thank you for contacting Dunlop Motorcycle Tires. Appears they have some scheduled for the end of the month. No Promises because I have seen it scheduled then knocked back or knocked off the schedule ( crosses fingers). Once again, I apologize for the inconvenience.


Consumer Affairs

Dunlop Motorcycle Tires
8656 Haven Ave
Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91730
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I'll be very interested to see what he says. I really do hope I'm wrong.....and they will do it for us. But.............I I have strong doubts it will happen. Keep us posted.

If I got one on a group buy, I'd have to go down and do battle with my local dealer to mount it. Hopefully, I can win that battle. In the past, they wouldn't mount tires not bought/ordered by them. They insurance "thing". They also cited incidents way back before they had the policy, where individuals bought tires from somewhere else.....brought them in to mount....Dealer tried to mount.....but there were issues with balancing....and SUPPOSEDLY, there was a bad run/batch of tires that were later recalled by the manufacturer (all in a certain run). Since the Dealer didn't buy/order it....they charged the individual labor to pull off the old tire.......only to not be able to finish the job (with the desired defective new tire)....and said the individual had to deal with sending the defective tire back and the recall issue. Said it only happened a few times over the years, but it was a REAL mess the few times it did happen.....with very, very unhappy customers. Thus, the policy of "we only mount tires we order/buy". (and OF COURSE, as I've mentioned here before.....NO mounting rear tires on the front, mounting car tires on the rear....etc.) But if they can't get the tire, surely they'd let me bring in the OEM tire replacement bought direct through Dunlop to mount?

And no, I'm NOT mounting it myself. There are some things concerning maintenance I will do on my bikes.....but other things, I won't. Mounting tires is one of them I absolutely won't do. I used to do it DECADES ago (like in the 70s) on other smaller bikes I owned back then. I'd struggle.....mar up the rim trying to remove or mount the new tire......curse and bust my knuckles....and say "never again". After doing it several times....and repeating said "process", I finally said to myself "NO, REALLY....never again". So yes, it's a Dealer who's going to mount my tires...................for better or worse............ 馃お
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My dealer refused to order the tire for me but he said he鈥檒l replace it for $60.
I have already contacted Mr.Lee. I鈥檒l provide an update on a potential group buy once he responds.
"I put up a poll (if I did it correctly) so you have an idea of the interest by members. That may help with getting Dunlop to do a group buy."

"Group Buy of Dunlop D251/Rune OEM tires" | Rune Rider Forums (
My dealer refused to order the tire for me but he said he鈥檒l replace it for $60.
"Dealer will install a new tire for $60? For that price I won't change my own anymore, as long as I can watch them do the work.
If you have not heard back from Mr. Lee/Dunlop on a possible group buy, that seems to be normal. Every time I ask about the D251 tire status I hear back with 24hrs/usually sooner. Any other question(s) like added the Rune size to the Elite 4 line up, I hear nothing back."
Called my dealer today and his latest availability was 5/27. Keeping fingers crossed.
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