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Running lights

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To get my Rune on the road here in the UK. The turn signals can not also be running lights. I think I've traced the running light circuit to a relay box ('turn signal and position light relay') under the left front side panel. Does anyone know if Canadian Runes have turn signals that don't act as running lights. Maybe I could then just buy a canadian relay box. Any help, greatly appreciated.
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I would find which wire is hot for the running lights, at the turn signal. Cut it, and cap it. I know it sounds a bit caveman. But... real simple...real cheap.
I wish it were that simple. In typical Honda engineering style, instead of having a feed for the turn signals and one the running light with two filament bulb. It just has the one live feed and a resistor that cuts in that dims the turn signal bulb when running. This is done with 6 wires into the switch box with cross linkage patterns for each mode. No that don't make a lot sense to me either, but my brother has done sorted it out now. Thanks anyhow.
I took a quick look at the E.W.D. It looks to me if you remove or create an open at the black 9p connector whith/green wire to the turn signal relay behind the left front side cover you should lose the running lights to the turn signals?
Found on page 20-29.
The relay looks easy to get to and try.
Hope this helps.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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