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RunSki Sound Clip

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For those interested in seeing where the holes are drilled and hearing a sound clip send an email request to me.

The photos and sound clip are from RunSki.

(1) Rich drilled 1 ½ inch holes.
(2) He devised a sliding sound adjuster.
(3) The sound clip is in RealPlayer and I don’t know what position the slider was in.
(4) Best downloaded with Broadband.
(5) Place “RunSki Sound” as the Subject.
(6) Double click on runski4.

Send request to: [email protected]
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sound file

Kythyn was asking about the sound file of the drilled exhaust and I was interested too. What ever happened to the effort of putting it on a web site? I never saw a link - just a few people patting themselves on the back! :D I suspect many will have problems with file size limits in email. thanks!
1 - 1 of 17 Posts
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