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Saddle Bags

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No I don't mean I have them, although some of my old girl friends did. Is anyone making them for this beast. I saw the Corbin thing, talk about a little junk in the trunk. Thanks for taking care of the new members.
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I'm going to a leather shop that has made bags for my VTX tomorrow to see what can be done. If we come up with anything I'll post photo's.

My intention is to have good size bags made that will mount under the seat and secure without harm to the paint. They will not be left on the bike as a permanent accessory but used to pack stuff for a trip and then carried into the room as luggage. :D
I'm in the bag!

I have saddle bags just as LOV2KRZ describes. Lift up the seat place the bags on, reset the seat and you are on your way.

I’d post photos but I haven’t a clue as to how I to do.
Post Photo's

OK, here are the directions to add photo's to your album (also know as a Gallery).

Go to the top of the page and right under the Banner there is a line of hotlinks, the first is the album looks like this:
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Click on the album, it will take you to a gallery page where you'll see two boxes. The first will have posts assoicated with this section of the board, the lower box will have some recently added pictures.

At the bottom of the first box in dark red letters you'll see Users Personal Galleries » Your Personal Gallery, click on the Your Personal Gallery link.

This will take you to another page where you'll see Personal Gallery Of "your username". Under the Personal Galley of.... you'll see the upload hotlink.

Click on the upload hotlink which will take you the next page which allows you title your picture, browse your computer hard drive, etc.

Title the picture and select the photo from your source (desktop, another board, etc.) Make sure the file is less then 150KB and upload the photo, it will go into your album and a link will appear in your posts under the avatar.

Writing the instructions is more complex then actually doing the album stuff. Hang in there. :D
Hope this helps.
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wear a pack

I rode cross country with a mid size backpack. The bottom of the pack rested on the crown of the Rune seat and carried the weight beautifully. Plus, when I got off the bike I had all my stuff right with me on my back. In the evening I tossed my pack in a motel room and cruised with the bike's natural beauty unincumbered. I was VERY happy with this system and will never add luggage of any kind to my Rune. May it is worth giving a thought........
I Hate Backpacks

Its not that I really hate backpacks its just they throw me off balance on a motorcycle.

I also use a backrest on my bikes and the backpack and backrest don't like each other.

What I'd really like to do is figure out away to use my T-Bag over the backrest sitting on the tail section of the seat and having some type of clip that would fit in the wheel well so the bag straps could attach to them (like a bungee cord but wouldn't hurt the paint) and tension itself against the seat tail and fender. I've sort of know what I want just haven't had time to have it made. :shock:

Thanks for the help guys. I am used to the trunk space of my Wing and having no place for even a pack of gum sucks. :cry: Would like something like the concept drawings from Corbin, fairing and all.
I will be installing ( or trying to) the Switch Blade windshield system as soon as it arrives. I hope it works out, I have gained a few pounds eating all those bugs. I wanted something with more coverage ( for the birds and hoppers ) than the Wind Vest. I think the Wind Vest looks great but get behind some of our cattle trucks and, well you get the picture.
I look forward to seeing your new bags, technology is great. :p


Doug, What's a switch blade windshield system? Something new I take it? Ernie
saddle bags and windshields

Hi Ernie: The Switch Blade is from National Cycle. It is thier new quick release windshield system. You can get 3 sizes of windshields S-M-L. They don't advertise it just for the RUNE but after looking at one for the VTX 1800 it looks like it will work. I will post my results. I like it because I can put on the LARGE shield for touring and pop it off and pop on the Medium for around town. Have a great day riding! :lol:

I have a Backpack ($80) that carries all I need including rain gear a small tent, fleece sleeping bag changes of clothes and my dancing shoes. I have the Corbin rumble seat. Flip up the backrest .. sit with bag on my back resting on the passenger seat and lean back against the backrest with the bag... Gives me total back support and a comfy ride.. Hope to make the trip from the UP of Mich to Marysville next weekend if weather cooperates... I am totally Runed. :D
I adapted 1 Honda soft bag from my set of (throw over the rear seat saddle bags ) of my old 93 shadow 1100. It goes over my backrest of my Ultimate seat and fit prett well. See you at the homecoming.( From New Jersey.)
Rich K ( Rune Ski )
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