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security systems

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I am interested in a security system for my Rune. Would like to hear opinions concerning types and ease of installation. Thanks for the help
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Armed Guard

I use the Armed Guard system on both my Rune and X. Fairly easy installation I used the G-FORCE 200 Alarm-Universal Harness, has a lot of optional features and it works. It does allow you to install a anti-start feature that comes with the unit, but I chose not to do that because i didn't want to get into the started system. You can purchase it directly from Armed Guard or through their dealer network.
im gonna have to agree w/ SiteData. but you can check out this web site.
Security System:
Take the ignition key with you.
North American Arms NAA .32 DAO, back pocket. ... dowml.html

ken (22,350 miles and gobs of smiles)
RUNE Security

I just figured that if I locked the forks and took the key, and they were BIG enough to pickup the bike, they could have it...have had my HD stolen by pickup and two baseball bats and four guys. :cry: But this will not happen with the 880 lbs RUNE....they will all need Chiro if they do.. :twisted: And if all else fails park next to a a Big Dog or another nice HD, they'll steal that first...HA!! :pepper1:

I like Ken's security system! :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:
Security System

I put one on mine, a basic one.
It will stop people from sitting on it, or bumping into it.
Our seat cannot be ripped off easily like most bikes so it would take a little time to disable it. I bought mine on Ebay for about 30$ cheap enough for a little MORE piece of mind. It also had a blinking LED so everyone can see that it is armed.
EXCELLENT Answer. Today I will contact Honda and order the rest of the 4 keys total (two keys). I will put one in my safe and the other I will let my buddy hold for me.

I ran into a stone wall at my dealership when inquiring about replacement keys. If in fact anyone does order replacement keys, please post procedure details. I'll show to my dealer so I can get spares. Thanks
as far as seeing the VIN i understand (and i help manage this board)...ONLY registered users can see the VIN list. That said, somebody could register.....and then.....well, use your imagination.....

your thoughts Dave (MARUNE)???
Ordering new keys

Well, I called Champion Honda here in Charleston SC (they do all my tire changes) and Robert the parts guy took my VIN #. He said he was going to call Honda and make sure everything is ok. The "key blank" lists for $24.95 for the Rune he said. I will keep yall posted.

Honda told Robert there is a keycode on the SIDE of the lock cylinder. He needs the first two letters of the code. So, that means, taking the side shroud off to get to the cylinder.

The main thang is: get the 2 replacement keys and install them into the HSS per the service manual such that no thief can come by and "do" an illegal key.
Ken (23,400 miles - ah SC is a great place to ride in the winter)

I doubt that Honda would send a key to someone named REDVALK or MARUNE.... the VIN List only uses members nick names / user names.... and it does not have full addresses ....
TaraRune....good points....though i don't necessarily agree with them. I guess it's my Alabama "mentality". I just don't worry too much about theft/security of the bike. Especially not at my house! Down here in the South, we're big into that Southern Gun Culture thing, ya' know? I live in the country....and if they can get past my German Sheppards, my house security system, and my .357 Magnum, and me (and my *******, well armed neighbors)....well....they deserve the bike :wink:

But then, i go to rallies all over the country quite often....and I NEVER even lock my forks. I figure there are a lot of other bikes out there folks want a whole lot more than mine :lol:

Come to think of my roughly 30 years of riding, i can't ever remember locking a fork on a bike of mine! Maybe once or twice at Daytona??? Maybe...........

But i aint arguing with ya'....just throwing in my ******* two cents worth :D
Tara Rune,

The VIN List was started almost two years ago by Chuck aka: Sitedata, and I offered to help out about 6 / 9 months latter. Our main goal was and is to provide a way for owners to see / meet other owners.

The reasons we went to full VIN Numbers in the VIN List were two fold.

We were getting duplicate seq. numbers ... only after reviewing the full VIN's did the breakdown of the 8th character answer the question of dup's.

Also Honda will not release total production numbers.... from the max numbers in the groupings my best quess is around 3500 at last count.

Breaking down of the VIN code has enabled people to know how the bike left the factory ..... some dealers were selling bikes they had added Chrome Rims to as "factory spec'ed" .... if it aint a "6" "J" or "K" the bike left Honda as a Spec47 Bike.

As far as being able to call Honda and get a key to a VIN Number... it is my understanding that the "chipped" keys are only available through Honda Dealers, and that all you have to do is have the "key cut code". The four key deal was explained as " the HISS electronics will only train 4 keys before it would have to be replaced".

I have a Armed Guard system on my bike, it was only installed to keep people who have to touch, away from the bike. It won't stop a thief who really wants the bike.

While you see no value in the list, many others have, and I hope to keep it active in the future.

Happy Holidays,
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