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Side mount license plate bracket

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Hi all
I may have missed this if anyone already posted it. I am looking for a side mount license plate bracket that will mount on to the right side of the bike.
Thanks, It will save me the trouble of making one myself.
Rich K ( Rune Ski )
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Sorry, :oops:
Forgot to add. I checked the google search and didn't come up with any specific item for the rune. Has anyone done one of them yet??
The folks at Noblesville honda made one. They have a picture of it on thier site. they are the one who are selling the rear passenger peg mounts.
Thank you
Rich K ( Rune Ski )
If you ride in South Carolina, you will get ticketed if the side mount places the tag VERTICAL rather than the normal horizontal. ken
rune plate

I think a side mounted license plate would look better if it curved around the drive shaft cover and it must have a light on it.What do you think
Yes, that would look good. 8)
ooh yeah...

oooh yeah.... that looks good! I like it!
Very nice, I like that. But I'll take mine without the oranges :lol:
Who makes it ??
Thanks, Rich K. ( Rune Ski )
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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