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Slight Front End Wobble

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I've noticed a slight frontend wobble at about 30-35mph. Has anyone else noticed it? Probably that damn DunFlop tire! :x
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wobble, wobble

On my 2001 GL1800 after about 5000 miles I get a wobble between 15 to 30 the more the front tire wears the more I notice the wobble.When I change the front tire for a new tire the wobble goes away.

Tom, What brand tires are you using?
no wobble here on either Rune.

BUTTTTTT....i will admit (reluctantly...i don't like to give those few "naysayers" much ammo to fuel their banter about the Rune having such problems 8) ) that i have had a couple of SMALL strange things going on with my Rune....that i am now happy to say i have discovered the cause of and fixed one....and will fix the other eventually.

STRANGE THING #1: after changing out my bars from forward to rear bars, every time i would turn the bars hard....or lift the bike off the kick stand....put any kind of stress on the bars, there would be this loud crack. i figured it was just some bolt/pinch bolt lose or something. Finally, last weekend, after riding Sherry's Rune and realizing of course it didn't do that, i went to the trouble to start tightening every bolt i could think might cause that around the handle bars/front of the bike. i finally discovered the bolts on the handlebar clamp assembly were QUITE lose. tightened them, crack went away :lol: (ok....that wasn't that strange....but it was annoying!)

STRANGE THING #2: this one is strange. Again, ever since they changed out my bars....AND HAD TO CHANGE THE FRONT BRAKE HOSE...which meant they had to bleed the brakes, i have been hearing this weird pulsating sound out of the front of the bike when i brake hard with the front brakes. granted, i have to be braking hard to make it happen...but i hear it fairly often (i almost exclusively use the front brake....very little back braking). Sherry's bike doesn't do it...and mine didn't before the bar/brake hose of course i figured it had to do with changing/bleeding the brakes when they did it. I finally took it to dealer, and they have actually heard this same thing on some other bikes. Said what i am hearing is the actual fluid under pressure making that noise in the brake lines itself. They said when i bring the bike in to change fluids out, they can take care of it then. or if it bothers me, i can bleed lines and try to fix it now. I have noticed with time, it has gotten better...happens less...isn't as loud as what it was right after they changed the bars/brake line. Brakes work fine, so i'm not worried. And the explanation made since to me as an Engineer, so i'll just let them take care of it at the 12k fluid change. i'm guessing some air in the line perhaps?

Otherwise, the bike is flawless. No noise from front blue smoke. One happy customer here (on both bikes).
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The tires on the guess it dunlaps from direct line.But the rune has no problems at all, but we only have 2200 miles on it.
What I can't believe is that Tim changes his break lines and does not change those ugly terrible banjos for some nice 316 stainless chrome banjos, oh well some guys never learn.
Good to know some one other than my slef is getting this slight wobble..This has been doing this from day one,now day13 1006miles..Tire beening true,maby out of round, either could cause this.Do not know for sure.What you think?

Check the torque on the triple crown. The head should have some drag on it, when you turn the bars. It simply to check on bikes with center stands.With the front wheel in air, the front end should not turn completeing free. There should be some tension on it. If it moves freely, it could be causing some wobble.
i have been hearing this weird pulsating sound out of the front of the bike when i brake hard with the front brakes
Did you bleed the rear brakes when you swapped the front brake lines? I wonder if some air got into the lines and made it's way into the linked braking system. I would GUESS that you should probably bleed the entire system, especially with the linked brakes.
to be honest....i had the dealer do the bar swap out....since i heard the bleeding of the brakes could be a pain. So THEY may not have bled them enough? But THEY will be taking care of it when i bring it in for the 12k service...which includes changing all the brake fluid. i'm thinking it aint a big deal...the brakes seem to work fine.
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