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How do you like the new board?

  • I like it, I do!

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  • I'm undecided....need to give it some time

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  • I don't think i care for it, thanks....

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So what do you think?

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Terriffic! A lot cleaner. Even I can use this board. Glad to see it still works at altitude. Not sure how to use the "emoticons" though. I get words instead of pictures. Is it me? Probably! DUH!

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greg....just click on one of the emoticons to the left of your THIS :oops: and it will insert the appropriate 'info' to display that emoticon. In your you type/edit your message, letters/words will appear. But...when you preview and/or post...the little face will be there!

Try it....and see if the light :idea: doesn't come on....
Sweet! This is the type of board us Runers deserve!
Thanks a lot Lamont, Hal and everyone else involved!
Thanks REDVALK. Just checking numbers. I see on the board that it says "4 topics " 10 posts. I see 3 topies under the General message board. What am I missing? Don't mean to be a pain, just trying to learn what we have here.

greg (again)
Greg...i'm pretty sure the reason it said four topics on the "main" area...but when you got to the general board there were really only because i had posted a test message last night....with nothing of substance in it. It was just a test message as Lamont and i were checking things out.

So i deleted that message this morning. but apparently the main area still 'thinks' that post is there...or doesn't recognize that it has been deleted...or something like that. There was a 4th topic/ other words....until i removed it. I did it more so to make sure my Moderator privileges were working :twisted:

KEEP ASKING THOSE QUESTIONS. I want you guys to ask...experiment, and realize the full potential of the board. We aim to please....
:lol: I like what I see. Gr8 job & kudoos to all involved !!!
I have no clue

This is going to take me some gitting use to.
Identifing Unread Posts


When I go to, say “General Message Board” and under “Topics” all the subject matter text is RED in color. (I assume indicating no posts have been read)

When I click on “Mark all topics read” all the color subject matter text turns BLUE. (Indicating I have read every post)

I think RED colored text means there is a new post I’ve not read and BLUE text means I’ve read everything posted to date. (Is that so?) and (If so how do I make that happen?)
Thank you Mellow for your instructions; however the functions you’ve described are not working for me.

When I open a message board the color of the text is blue even though I can see someone has added a new post to a topic.
Off the fence.

I withheld voting until today because too often I jump the gun with an opinion that I latter have to retract or modify.
I would have been happy just the way things were at the old MSN forum, but my vote is…………… “I like it, I do!”.
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