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some notes on bike prices i observed this weekend

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went to Powersports shop in Columbus, GA. First, let me say i noticed they were selling "new" 2003 1800 VTXs for 8500 bucks. Dang, that's pretty cheap. They also had new 1300 VTX models (2004 if i remember right)...ALSO for 8500. Man, if i was in the market for a would be the time to buy one. And that was the LIST price for the 'sucker' off the bickering. You might get an even better deal.

So in light of things said on this board about Rune prices, how do you think those VTX folks feel now :wink: Point is....that's just life! But boy, sure is tempting to buy a VTX now!

Meanwhile, speaking of Rune prices. Here was another dealer with two Runes sitting on the floor (i know of a bunch of them...all desperate to sell them!)...same two i have seen sitting there since LAST YEAR...and now, the price was 22k. Not bad...but i've seen/heard of better on the internet. But wait, if you were a Southern Cruiser member (which i am)...take another 10% off. So now you're talking about around 20k ! No bickering or dealing. Just 20k, thank you, bam...

They just aren't moving the Runes. Do i feel bad about paying about 24k for my first (the Black one) Rune last August? Hell no! Do i feel bad for paying about 22,250 for Sherry's Red Rune this Feb? HECK no! That's just the way it is. Some of you will probably be able to buy a brand new Rune for UNDER 20k. That's just life! Enjoy....

oh...i still say NO ...NO 05s. Hell, they can't sell the 04s they have.........
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Great Perspective!

Whatever they sell for, it won't reduce the enjoyment one iota. That optimistic perspective will keep you happy in life with many things besides your Rune. Congratulations.....You get it!
Hey Redvalk, when '05s come in :lol: , I just hope Honda doesn't drop the price man. I rather see no '05s than a 'reduced' price '05; we'll find out pretty soon buddy.

My view on the current inventory situation is Honda doesn't give a rat's a$$ about dealers' inventory; they care about their inventory. My understanding is Honda forced all '04 production down dealers' throats, so that means no warehouse inventory. And unlike cars, it's rare a dealer would buy another dealer's unit. Sooo, if a dealer wants one now, that'd be a lost sale, making '05 production viable. On the other hand, if Honda has warehouse inventory, I'm sure they'd postpone '05s until cleared.

One final comment. An 'old' new bike is bad news if dealers didn't put fuel stabilizer to begin with, especially with the new multi-orifice injectors (holes are TINY). Some dealers say 'bike never started', but it was started at the factory, and all come with a small amount of fuel in the tanks. Unless factory uses stabilized fuel (does anybody know?), that's not good.

Take care.
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don't know JC. All i know is....EVERY MAJOR DEALER around me in Central Alabama has AT LEAST ONE....most have TWO Runes sitting on the floor. Most have been sitting there since AT LEAST last December. (Dothen, two since December. Troy, one since December, Columbus, two ...and one of them since LAST AUGUST!!!!!.....etc....).

That is a LONG time to be sitting on show room. The one in Troy, the dealer told me the battery went dead...probably due to current draw from HISS system is my guess. I can tell you the dealers in Dothan, Troy, and COlumbus are DESPERATE to get rid of their Runes...and would NEVER order another one of ANY year. that's what they say.

Mongtomery dealer has none left....but says they'll NEVER order another one....even if an 05 became available. They ALL say just too hard to sell them.......

i still say no 05s......
Hey RedValk

I couldn't resist the prices on the '03's. I've just added one to my stable of bikes and I am planning to make a custom out of it! After attending the HomeComing event I had to add another Honda...and man, what a deal!
some notes on bike prices

I 'm with you. I couldn't resist 8ooo bucks for a new 1800 retro so I got one for my kid. Yeah, thats it.....It's for my kid, thats the ticket.
I called Hal before I bought mine,but he didn;t have any at the time. Thats too bad because I would have gotten it there. I bought my wing from him last year and he even delivered it to me. Great guy to do business with.
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