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the adapters are the ones Rivco recommeded to me that they sell. I think they only make one set of adapters? Rivco could confirm the proper adapter. Rich from Rivco installed Sherry's....and mine the FIRST time. When i got back home, i had to reinstall mine...cause i had Kury ISO Wings....which didn't have the factory spring. These pegs need that spring. so Rivco installed them with a RAT TRAP spring i got from a hardware place.....REALLY.....and they worked ok, but didn't look as good as they would with the factory spring.

So when i got back home, i took mine back apart (yes Steve, again....i got to experience the joy...but i'm pretty good at doing the old 'foot peg drill' now :p )....and put the factory springs in.

Yes Steve, they sit level. Perfectly level. Here's my take...after running the ISO Wings ALMOST A YEAR! The ISO Wings were SLIGHTLY more comfortable...because they are bigger. But the RIVCO pegs look, and function (retraction, spring return, etc.) better. The RIVCO pegs are much more comfortable than stock pegs....but not quite as comfortable as the ISOs.

Given the better looks....and better function...i like the RIVCO better over all. i sold my ISO Wings on the spot to Ernie for 20 bucks!
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